Support is a labor of love for me. It will continue from now until forever I run out of money, but it is expensive. I’m not begging for your money, and I’m not offering you a tax deduction for it, but if you want to support free public access to and the many authors I work with, consider making a one time donation (or many times if you wan’t, I won’t mind it).

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What Supporters Get

Everyone who gives will receive a personal thank you from me. There aren’t many people who willingly pay money for something that is completely free, so for every single one of you that donate anything, thank you.

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But what does that mean, exactly?

Simple, on sponsored stories, I will place a banner ad above the content, and in the eBook that is sent out, you will get a full page ad after the copyright page.

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Free Ways to Support

While cash is awesome, more people reading, liking, and sharing make all of the effort I put into polishing the stories worth it. I could just let all the Word documents collect computer dust on a random folder on my messy desk top, but then no one else would ever get to read some of the truly amazing gems I have had penned.

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